Friday, May 27, 2016

Hedgehog in your garden.

L.I. Can I locate and summarize the main ideas?
We made a google drawing about the main ideas from our book.

Hedgehogs are little creatures with spines, they have up to 7000 of them all most all of the body is covered in them, their head belly and chest are have brown and grey fur.

Hedgehogs are nocturnal, which means that they sleep all day and are awake at night

If you want hedgehogs in your garden, (they are good for eating garden pests like snails, caterpillars, etc.) then just leave some piles of leaves, long grass, and some food. But don't feed them bread and milk because this could be harmful to them. Try leaving out some crunchy peanut butter, muesli and tinned pet food.

Hedgehog babies are called hoglets, and are born litters.

If you do have hedgehogs in your backyard you must be careful not to leave out rubbish. Also don't put weed killers and other garden products around this may harm them.

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  1. Ho Jack.I like your facts about a hedgehog.Would you like a hedgehog in your garden?