Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekly Refletion Term 2 week 1

What: In the holidays I went to Wellington museum (Te Papa) to see the Gallipoli war exhibition. It was so worth the 45 minute line up to get in. When you get in, the first thing you see is a massive general looking man on his side shouting and pointing a pistol at something. Then you go in a room with some maps and guns and a slide show. There were more rooms like this and more statues. In one room there was a cool 3D slide show that you had to wear 3D glasses like the ones at the movies. There was also a big touch screen thing on the wall that had pictures of bombs and bullets. In the middle was a skeleton. When you tap the bombs and bullets you could see what happened to the person. In another room there was another tap screen but in this one you could make a badge and send it to your email. There was another 2 screens, but they were not touch screen.  It just showed people in the trenches. And at the end there was a room where you could write a message on a paper poppy and throw it down to the feet of a soldier.

So what: I learnt about all the affects of all the bombs and shells.

Now what: My goal for this term is to get all of my work finish on time.